A sadistic, overwhelming sky.

June 3nd, 2017

Mindless babbles; spit bubbles and convulsing shutters. 

I was once myself and then; never again.

Aching limbs; no thoughts. 

Sweet smelling candles.

     Burning flesh. 

Sweat and muffled mumbles. 

    Wide eyed: a teary puppet. 

        Love me.

Stinging warmth on the sides of my cheeks.

    Raw lips; tremble. 

         Wrap me in approval. 

And yell at me until I am raw. 

    Coddle me then. 

When I am nothing- sing sweetly. 

     Until your words are more cleansing than the deepest rain; if you do, I will flower. 

         Thrive: on your most rotten words. 

Author: sophiapoetryandetcetera

Trying to make it to happiness.

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