Prompts: Blossom

Two weeks in the back of an A.C. deprived semi-truck. 

     Transporting hundreds of pounds in spraypainted, pesticide-reeking daffodils from Cali..
We made our way East. Dropping off at a monster-industrial warehouse in Utah.        

     Which looked much like an flat-topped-one-story apartment complex for giant roaches on wheels.

I watched as the steel roaches thrusted themselves out of their compartment garages. 

     Into the flat, arid heat of summer Utah. 

     Their mouths spitting up oil and corporal stomaches grumbling for profit.

They drove to every convient store within a 150 mile radius. 

    Throwing off gumbo packages of wrapped affection to the local middle man of a big-brand-name store. 

He arranged them in their plastic containers.

      Until frustrated men came and paid $3 a pop to satisfy their unhappy wives with a media-installed desire for tangible love.  

Author: sophiapoetryandetcetera

Trying to make it to happiness.

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